24: Live Another Day on FOX - "Jack Is Back" Special: Segment 2


Michelle appears in the video at 5:31.

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To Michelle Fairley who just won an IFTA (Irish Film and Television Award) for Best Supporting Actress in a television show… I’d like to think her scream at the Red Wedding sealed the deal

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@hormazd: Nice to be acquainted with Michelle Fairley (A.k.A Catelyn Stark of Game of Thrones) @Saatchigallery show ‘Pangaea’ #saatchigallery

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"Of course, every 24 season needs a worthy adversary for Jack, and on Live Another Day he’ll face off against Margot, the widow of an infamous terrorist. Michelle Fairley, who was last seen getting her throat slit at a wedding reception gone wrong on Game of Thrones, landed the role after Judy Davis had to drop out for personal reasons. “This is a passionate woman who morally believes she is in the right,” says Fairley of Margot. “She’s standing up for millions of people, so therefore you have to give her integrity. Even though she may be characterized as a villain, she totally believes 100 percent in what she’s doing.”"

— Entertainment Weekly (via until-the-next-time)
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Pentecost (BBC, 1990)

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wembleytosoweto: Backstage shot of Michelle Fairley.
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"You know, the weather doesn´t contain us from filming. Hail, snow, rain, sleet, fog. As only they can light it and they can see it and we can say the lines - we will do it!" - Michelle Fairley

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Ironclad: Battle For Blood - Behind The Blood featurette.

@studiosangeet: A lovely and slightly sad Michelle Fairley as Catelyn Stark, just after filming the red wedding.

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