Michelle Fairley starring in new BBC drama

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Michelle Fairley talks ’24′ shock, Lady Stoneheart chatter | EW.com


Have we raged talked about this already? Part of me is hoping Michelle is just trolling.  Please? I need my Lady Stoneheart. 

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Discover Northern Ireland - Blog | Discover the Drama of the Causeway Coast with Michelle Fairley - Discover Northern Ireland - Blog


Is there a little nook, cranny or place around this area, that the outside world do not know about, or might quickly dismiss, but that you hold dear in your heart? Where is it and why is this?

Ballintoy.  We used to jump off the Harbour there into the sea as kids.  We had a dog called Sweep, and all six of us Fairley children, would jump in the sea followed by him from the Harbour.  The thing that entertained us most was that when Sweep got out of the sea, he could come out as this scrawny little thing, but would still act the big dog!

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Michelle Fairley to appear in Doctor Who?


According to the Doctor Who 50th Anniversary Zone Facebook page, Michelle is rumoured to be joining the cast of Doctor Who for a couple of episodes in season 8:

Game of Thrones and 24 actress Michelle Fairley is the latest name to be attached to series 8.

The Northern Irish actress…

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Trailer for Common (airs July 6 on BBC One)

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Michelle Fairley, in costume for Margot Al-Harazi, behind the scenes of 24: Live Another Day

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’24: Live Another Day’: Don’t second-guess momma | EW.com


Michelle Fairley x slapping people = my OTP

Apologies for the region restrictions. USA! USA!

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24: Live Another Day: Margot Al-Harazi

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Weekly Michelle-Fairley-in-24 appreciation post

Ep. 5, 3:00 pm-4:00 pm

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